Community Manifesto

The only thing to fear is fear itself.
Scared are what we feel,
like our anxieties of illness, death, violence, guilt and the uncertainty.

Confronting and overcoming fear is a never-ending journey.
Let's go on an adventure with courage.Face obstacles, tackle challenges,
and learn to conquer fear.

Let's go through this process together.
Fall down and get back up,
and turn into a braver person.

Let's move closer together.
Chat, share, discuss,
and raise more ideas to bolster our development.

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EvilVerse Challenges

“The beautiful thing about fear is that when you run to it, it runs away”. Escape just leads to stronger fear. Facing is the only way to cope with it. EvilVerse, a place full of various types of fear, allows you to face what you are scared, and to find ways to overcome. To achieve this goal, let’s take the first step to take our challenges.

To begin with, you may try a relatively less scary activity. You can participate in HORROR COSPLAY, and show us the awesome photos.

Also, you can play SCARY GAMES, take some screencaps, and share the most interesting or frightening part(s) with us.

Besides, you can tell us all types of GHOST STORIES, which can be creepy, romantic or funny, etc. We hope it can convey the message that, ghosts can be good ghosts. They are not necessarily evil and scary, and so we need not be too afraid of them.

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